Herdade Vale do Manantio
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  • Vale do Manantio Estate is placed in the south of Portugal, next to the Alqueva dam, in the heart of Alentejo.





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    Discover the history of the Estate

    Vale do Manantio Estate was purchased by the Bravo family in 1968, due to the strong connection João Maria Bravo - the family patriarch, had with nature and hunting. As the owner, his first years were dedicated investing in placing native game species all across the Estate, such as the red partdrige and the rabbit, as way to give continuity to his dream.

    In Portugal, the story of the Bravo family goes back to the 18th century, where his members stood out as international market shipowners. The family owned seven caravels, and was responsible for shipping to several regions of Europe, Africa, and America. João Maria Bravo, the grandfather of the actual Estate manager, was one of the most renowned hunters in Portugal, mostly because of his dedication to preserve and defend this practice, having also written several books about it.

    About Bravo family

    An Estate full of flavors and colors

    Our kitchen has a full heart from Alentejo. Your palate will be enriched with typical products of our region. The Manantio and its hunting, combined with our wines, cheese and sausages will, without further doubt, make you want to return to our kitchen.

    Alentejo will be forever in your memories

    Map text: the region of Alentejo presents plains, separated by mountain ranges, a coast with idyllic beaches and also cities and villages where time seems to have stopped. This region also has the biggest European artificial lake: Alqueva dam, with a loosing sight immensity of water. The Great Lake, as it is also known, sets the border with Vale do Manantio, making up a coast that extends for about 6kms.

    A walk across our mount, an invitation to lose yourself in Alentejo landscape

    Around the mount lays a smooth, ondulated and infinite landscape, where you can have a glimpse of the different tilth, from wheat fields to a thick area of olive trees, where the best olive oil of this region is produced.


    With 14 tastefully decorated rooms, an amazing infinity pool and spa, grand views over the Alqueva and endless gardens, we are sure to have everything to offer you a pleasant stay.